The mobile app to visit Saint Malo

Planning a weekend in Saint Malo? To keep up to date with all the news about the town, download thefree mobile application "Saint Malo Tour" from theSaint Malo Tourist Office before you arrive. At any time, Saint Malo is on your smartphone!


The very practical mobile application to visit Saint-Malo

This application created in 2010 will allow you to find a lot of information about Saint-Malo such as places to visit, cultural events, itineraries, good tips... Of course, you can share your experience by giving your opinion. You can even, sometimes, get a discount coupon by using the application. This is an essential application to make sure you don't miss anything in Saint-Malo.


"Saint-Malo Tour": Real-time information

For your safe walks by the sea, you can get the tide times and the weather in real time. The application facilitates contact with establishments such as restaurants or hotels. It also shows you the best route to any location. One click is all it takes to display the phone number or even the website of an establishment.


To make the most of your stay in Brittany, the Hotel de la Cité, located in Saint Malo intra muros, is sure to give you full satisfaction, with a superb view of the sea.


High tides in Saint-Malo

The bay of Saint-Malo is famous for its high tides (among the highest in Europe). The high tides, the result of the attraction of the Moon and the Sun on the ocean and the sea, are a fascinating spectacle. They always attract a lot of people too, so if you plan to visit Saint-Malo and enjoy this great spectacle, don't forget to book your hotel well in advance. The Hotel de la Cité, a hotel in Saint-Malo with a view of the sea, will give you a warm welcome and you will enjoy a high quality service. The next high tides in Saint-Malo are scheduled for 8 April 2016 (coefficient 118). These are the highest tides of 2016.

The high tides, a very rare spectacle

The importance of a tide is characterised by its coefficient, which has a value of between 20 and 120: the higher the coefficient, the higher the sea rises and the lower it falls. The last high tide took place in Saint-Michel on 21 March 2015, with a coefficient of 119, which resulted in a tidal range (difference in water height between high and low water) of 14.15 metres. The next tide, with the same coefficient, will not occur until 3 March 2033. In fact, it is estimated that only 2% of all tides have a coefficient higher than 110 (high tide).

Fishing in Saint Malo

In addition to enjoying a great show, you can also try your hand at fishing on foot (scallops, sea urchins, flat oysters, clams, mussels, etc.). However, don't forget to observe the regulations in force, in particular by putting back exactly in their place the pebbles, rocks or seaweed that you move and by collecting only the shellfish of the authorized size. For example, mussels must be at least 4 cm in size. On the other hand, you must be careful and respect the safety rules. Book now your hotel in Saint-Malo with sea view.


Weekend in Saint-Malo - Discover the corsair city

It's spring, the good weather is starting to return, but it's not yet the big summer crowd. So it's a good time to get away from it all and relax with family and friends. A weekend in Brittany, by the sea, is an excellent idea. And why not visit Saint Malo, the corsair city? Saint-Malo is one of the favourite tourist destinations for Europeans in France.

Relaxation and change of scenery for all in Saint Malo

Naturally, if you are a gourmet and a great lover of culinary pleasures, you will take advantage of your weekend to taste the local specialities: far breton with prunes, buckwheat pancakes, wheat pancakes and Saint-Malo crackers, a real delicacy that keeps for a very long time...not forgetting, of course, a whole range of seafood and fish. You may even be able to witness the fascinating spectacle of the high tides. In fact, there are a thousand and one things to discover or do in St Malo, such as learning to fish on foot when the sea recedes, walking on the ramparts, admiring fish from all over the world at the Grand Aquarium, kayaking, windsurfing...

Saint-Malo, visit of a nautical city and history

In addition to its nautical image, Saint-Malo is known for the Route du Rhum. The city, founded in the 12th century, has a great history. It is also a city of maritime adventurers, marked as much by great explorers, such as Mahé de la Bourdonnais (colonizer of the Mascarene Islands) and Jacques Cartier (discovery of Canada), as by famous privateers, such as Duguay Trouin and, above all, Surcouf. You can immerse yourself in the history of this city by visiting the History Museum and the Jacques Cartier Museum.

Hotel intra-muros Saint-Malo

For your stay in St Malo, the hotel of the City The hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city of St Malo, near the ramparts, with a view of the sea. This hotel allows you not only to enjoy the old town, but also the beach which is only a few minutes away, as well as the History Museum. In addition, the garage is very convenient and avoids the problem of parking, especially in high season. Like most visitors, you will not fail to appreciate the good service and warm welcome of the staff who will do their best to make your weekend in St Malo an unforgettable one.


The Airbnb effect in the corsair city

Wanting to enjoy the sea spray on the Emerald Coast, you may have hesitated between a room in a cheap hotel in Saint-Malo and an Airbnb offer? If the growing number of ads on the online rental site between individuals is proof of its success, the quality of the services offered by the hotels is still highly appreciated by tourists. The comfort of the 41 rooms offered by the Hôtel de la Cité, a cheap hotel in St-Malo, will undoubtedly charm you during your next excursion in the region.

Airbnb offers in constant progression

Since 2010, the number of Airbnb offers on the Emerald Coast has risen sharply, reaching a volume of 1,000 accommodations in the summer of 2015, half of which were located in Saint-Malo and Dinard. With a tradition of furnished rentals, Saint-Malo, a port city, has naturally followed the trend. If the capacity of Airbnb offers is far from absorbing the average daily attendance of the Emerald Coast, estimated at 22,550 people, the rental site is nevertheless a competitor for hoteliers.

Regularisation of the tourist tax from 1 August 2016

Accused of unfair competition by hoteliers, the website Airbnb has announced the collection of the tourist tax directly on its online booking platform from 1 August 2016. All holidaymakers must pay a tourist tax when they rent a room or a flat. Although this tax is included in the price of a hotel room reservation, private individuals are not always aware of this tax, which results in a loss of revenue for the municipality.

The City Hotel

If you are looking for a fully-equipped, spacious and modern room with a sea view, do not hesitate to visit the Hotel de la Cité, a low-cost hotel in St-Malo offering a quality service. The hotel team will give you a warm welcome and will meet your expectations to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Grand Aquarium - Dive into the depths of the sea

If you are visiting Saint-Malo for a weekend or a longer period, don't forget to schedule a visit to the Grand Aquarium. Located at the entrance to Saint-Malo, the aquarium is home to more than 600 species that will amaze young and old alike! After visiting the different areas dedicated to aquatic fauna, you will appreciate the comfort of a hotel in Saint-Malo with a view of the sea.

An unusual route to discover the seabed

With more than 11,000 fish of all colours and sizes from various oceans, the Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo offers you an unusual way to explore the seabed. Your journey will begin with a discovery of the abysses, the deepest areas of the seas and oceans, and will continue in the Atlantic room, which presents the ecosystems and the main species of the Atlantic coast. The Sea Laboratory will then give you the opportunity to understand the importance and role of plankton and to discover the births of the year in the aquarium's nursery.

A dive into the heart of sharks thanks to the Ring of the Seas

After a stop in the Mediterranean room, you will be captivated by the Ring of the Seas, the aquarium's must-see attraction. At the heart of a 600,000-litre volume of water, this circular aquarium gives the impression of being immersed in the midst of Australian bull sharks, zebra sharks, eagle rays, sea turtles, giant grouper and other schools of fish.

The Nautibus, a more realistic immersion

Between the Tropical Room, a real tour of the world's tropical seas and oceans, and the Mangrove Room, presenting several species of Asian and Amazonian mangroves in aquaterrariums, don't miss the excursion by Nautibus. Aboard a sunken galleon with a pirate décor, you will dive into a natural marine world with a fabulous décor and move around among 5,000 fish. Your visit will end with a unique sensory experience in the Touch Pool. This offers the possibility of coming into contact with shellfish, crustaceans and fish such as rays, dogfish and turbot...

The charm of a hotel in Saint-Malo with sea view

After all these emotions, you will appreciate the charm of one of the 41 rooms of the hotel de la Cité, a cheap hotel in St-Malo The hotel offers a high standard of service. Ideally located in the heart of the Corsair City and less than 40 metres from the beach, it offers fully equipped rooms, some with a sea view.


Discover the island of Grand Bé!

During your next stay in Brittany, put your bags in a hotel in Saint Malo and discover the island of Grand Bé! Grand Bé is an uninhabited island located 400 metres north-west of Saint-Malo, at the mouth of the Rance river, at the foot of the ramparts, not far from another much smaller island, which is called Petit Bé.

Grand Bé, the last home of Chateaubriand

The famous writer François-René de Chateaubriand, who died in 1848, is buried on the island of Grand Bé, near the edge of the cliff. Chateaubriand had expressed his wish to be buried there in a request sent to the mayor of Saint-Malo in 1828. For various political reasons his request was not immediately accepted. It was only in 1836, after the intervention of a poet from Saint-Malo, an admirer of Chateaubriand, that the town council authorised the writer to have his tomb erected to the west of the islet. His tomb, surmounted by a large granite cross facing the ocean, bears no inscription. However, a commemorative plaque, affixed in front of the tomb in 1948, bears the words: "a great French writer wanted to rest here, to hear only the sea and the wind, passing by in respect of his last wish". Chateaubriand's tomb has been classified as a historical monument since 1954.

Big bore during the Second World War

In 1942, the Germans took possession of the islet and set up an artillery battery composed of four casemates to protect the bay of Saint-Malo. When the American troops liberated the city, Saint Malo intramuros on August 14, 1944 and the island of Grand Bé on August 16, 1944, they had to bombard the islet many times.

Visit to the island of Grand Bé

At low tide, thanks to a stone passage, Grand Bé is accessible on foot, crossing the beach of Bon Secours. The islet is mainly visited to discover the tomb of the famous writer, but it is also an opportunity to take a romantic or family walk and enjoy the fresh air and the magnificent view. It is recommended to check the tide tables to avoid getting stuck on the islet, especially on high tide days. As a precautionary measure, due to strong currents, it is absolutely necessary to avoid trying to get there when the water is less than 10 metres from the stone passage.

L'hôtel de la Cité - A charming hotel in Saint Malo

For your weekend in the city of Malo, the hotel de la Cité will give you a warm welcome and will meet your expectations in terms of comfort and hospitality. This cheap hotel St-Malo has many rooms with a beautiful view on the Channel and is located in St-Malo intramuros which will allow you to discover the city on foot.


A charming hotel in Saint Malo

Set against the famous ramparts of St-Malo, the Hôtel de la Cité is an independent, friendly and authentic establishment. Are you looking for a charming hotel in Saint-Malo? Well, let us tell you that you have certainly found it. Our attentive team is at your disposal in a refined and cosy setting. Our establishment of character is the opportunity to stay in Brittany in all serenity.

Ideal for a romantic weekend in Brittany

Even if all reasons are good to go to Saint-Malo, our hotel will make a perfect little nest in the framework of a romantic weekend in Brittany. Would you like to escape to an idyllic region with your loved one? Come and stay at our hotel. Our forty-one fully air-conditioned rooms with a contemporary style will provide you with the necessary comfort during your romantic getaway. You'll feel right at home here, especially since there's nothing like the Breton heritage to awaken your senses. Here in Brittany, we not only enjoy an outstanding natural, cultural and historical heritage, but we also know how to receive and please with simplicity and humanity.

The Hôtel de la Cité: a charming hotel in St-Malo, accessible and with a human face

Our charming hotel has a real identity, a personality that we are proud to claim and that has never left any guest indifferent. Our perfect knowledge of the Breton region, our independence, our human warmth, our constant search for a very high quality experience are what make our establishment unique and what will guarantee you an exquisite stay in every respect. Moreover, because we are a cheap hotel in St-Malo we allow you to benefit from the best rates. Our beautiful and spacious comfort rooms, for example, represent the best compromise for those of you who wish to benefit from quality services at low prices! The variety in the soul and the charm of our house will seduce you. We look forward to your visit!



Romantic weekend in Brittany - Hotel and 5 ideas for a successful getaway

Tender moments with your other half in a region where life is good. If you've chosen Brittany for your next holiday, you've realised that there's no better place for a romantic getaway. From simple pleasures to unique activities, we have a number of suggestions to turn your romantic weekend in Brittany into a delightful stay.

A hotel in Brittany by the sea

How about a spacious room to spend a delightful night with your significant other? Our Saint Malo hotelThe Hotel de la Cité is the perfect place to do just that: our hotel combines charm and character with contemporary decor and an unbeatable welcome. You will probably not find a better hotel in Brittany.

A crossing on board a boat at sea

From our seaside hotel, you can easily head for the surrounding islands. Bréhat, Batz, Ouessant and Ile aux Moines are all possible stops for a breathtaking escape. A romantic crossing on board a traditional sailing boat should give you a real rush of excitement and a change of scenery!

A walk through the streets of the Cities of Art

Your couple's weekend in Brittany will never be complete without a visit to some of the most authentic towns. Whether they are maritime, medieval, commercial or spiritual, each of these Cités d'Art has a soul and an atmosphere that gives them beauty and character. Bécherel, Quintin, Dinan or Landerneau are ideal places to enjoy an atypical stay with your partner.

A gastronomic dinner for two

A great classic, but truly unmissable as Brittany is a region of gastronomy and local produce. Go to a "Tables et Saveurs" restaurant in a hotel in the heart of Brittany for a tasty tasting in secret. The restaurant "Le 5" is a must in St-Malo. You can taste the best dishes in a warm atmosphere.

A carriage ride to Mont Saint-Michel

There's nothing like the sunset over the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel for a thrilling weekend for two! If you are lucky enough to stay in a seaside hotel in Brittany such as ours, you will have the opportunity to see beautiful sunsets all year round. However, it must be said that there is something unique about twilight over the bay of Mont Saint-Michel.


Visit the Mont Saint Michel

You're going to Saint-Malo soon, but have you thought about getting away from the corsair city for a while? How about a little visit to Mont-Saint-Michel? This majestic site attracts the curious and romantic from all over the world and you too have the opportunity to join in the fun. Mont-Saint-Michel is a memorable experience less than an hour and a half away from the Hôtel de la Cité, a hotel in Saint-Malo that offers high quality services. By choosing the Hôtel de la Cité, you will have a front row seat to the most beautiful of shows.

Your hotel near Mont-Saint-Michel

Victor Hugo once wrote that Mont-Saint-Michel was the French equivalent of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. An essential treasure of French heritage, Mont Saint-Michel and its idyllic scenery amaze travellers from all over the world. Normans and Bretons are very proud to have this emblematic rock that sublimates one of the most beautiful bays on the planet! The mythical site is less than an hour and a half from our charming hotel in Saint-Malo. You will have no trouble enjoying the immensity of Mont-Saint-Michel and its abbey!

The tides, a phenomenon not to be missed

Offering no less than forty-one air-conditioned rooms in a contemporary style, our Hotel de la Cité, which is an expensive hotel in Saint-Malo but which does not skimp on quality, offers you a whole range of advice to make your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel an unforgettable experience. You should know that after more than ten years of work, our Mont-Saint-Michel has regained its maritime character. The high tides have returned and are the reincarnation of Mother Nature's gentlest attentions. There is clearly no more exceptional sight in Brittany. When the water envelops the submerged channel, the fortress overlooking the entire Breton shoreline becomes an island for a few hours. Whether you discover it on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or by sea train, there is nothing more magical than a sunset over the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.


Visit of the Solidor Tower - A moment of escape

When you visit St-Malo, you must visit the Solidor Tower. Located about ten minutes from your charming hotel in Saint-Malo, the Solidor Tower is a fortified keep with no less than three singular towers which impose their strength and elegance. A visit to the Solidor Tower will also allow you to discover the Saint-Servan district, a major cultural centre of the city of Saint-Malo.

A few minutes from your hotel in Saint-Malo

Listed as a historical monument since July 1886, the Solidor Tower is one of the most emblematic architectural masterpieces of the corsair city. After a comfortable night in our Saint-Malo hotel and a hearty breakfast, you will certainly want to set out to conquer this impregnable keep which was built between 1369 and 1382 by Duke Jean IV of Brittany. Transformed into a prison in the 19th century, the Solidor Tower kept many priests, soldiers and statesmen locked up. But none of this awaits you in 2016! The Tour Solidor now houses a museum that will allow you to discover the history of the city and its penchant for navigation. A very rewarding moment in perspective!

Visit to the museum and panoramic view of the bay

Located less than three kilometres from the Hôtel de la Cité - a cheap hotel in Saint-Malo - the Tour Solidor houses the Long Cours et Cap Horniers museum, which was created in honour of the long-distance sailing trips. Several collections of objects and ship's instruments await you there; you will also learn more about the daily life of the sailors of the time.

If you're not too interested in the late 19th century nautical charts that form the museum's main asset, you can always admire the panoramic view from the top of the Solidor Tower. The outdoor walkway offers breathtaking views and you will feel as if you own the world! Before you leave, however, be sure to take a look at the pastel by Henri Arondel (1827-1900). Believe us, it's worth a look! Our hotel is at your disposal and has many ideas for excursions in and around Saint-Malo.

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