Discover the island of Grand Bé!

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During your next stay in Brittany, put your bags in a hotel in Saint Malo and discover the island of Grand Bé! Grand Bé is an uninhabited island located 400 metres north-west of Saint-Malo, at the mouth of the Rance river, at the foot of the ramparts, not far from another much smaller island, which is called Petit Bé.

Grand Bé, the last home of Chateaubriand

The famous writer François-René de Chateaubriand, who died in 1848, is buried on the island of Grand Bé, near the edge of the cliff. Chateaubriand had expressed his wish to be buried there in a request sent to the mayor of Saint-Malo in 1828. For various political reasons his request was not immediately accepted. It was only in 1836, after the intervention of a poet from Saint-Malo, an admirer of Chateaubriand, that the town council authorised the writer to have his tomb erected to the west of the islet. His tomb, surmounted by a large granite cross facing the ocean, bears no inscription. However, a commemorative plaque, affixed in front of the tomb in 1948, bears the words: "a great French writer wanted to rest here, to hear only the sea and the wind, passing by in respect of his last wish". Chateaubriand's tomb has been classified as a historical monument since 1954.

Big bore during the Second World War

In 1942, the Germans took possession of the islet and set up an artillery battery composed of four casemates to protect the bay of Saint-Malo. When the American troops liberated the city, Saint Malo intramuros on August 14, 1944 and the island of Grand Bé on August 16, 1944, they had to bombard the islet many times.

Visit to the island of Grand Bé

At low tide, thanks to a stone passage, Grand Bé is accessible on foot, crossing the beach of Bon Secours. The islet is mainly visited to discover the tomb of the famous writer, but it is also an opportunity to take a romantic or family walk and enjoy the fresh air and the magnificent view. It is recommended to check the tide tables to avoid getting stuck on the islet, especially on high tide days. As a precautionary measure, due to strong currents, it is absolutely necessary to avoid trying to get there when the water is less than 10 metres from the stone passage.

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