High tides in Saint-Malo

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The bay of Saint-Malo is famous for its high tides (among the highest in Europe). The high tides, the result of the attraction of the Moon and the Sun on the ocean and the sea, are a fascinating spectacle. They always attract a lot of people too, so if you plan to visit Saint-Malo and enjoy this great spectacle, don't forget to book your hotel well in advance. The Hotel de la Cité, a hotel in Saint-Malo with a view of the sea, will give you a warm welcome and you will enjoy a high quality service. The next high tides in Saint-Malo are scheduled for 8 April 2016 (coefficient 118). These are the highest tides of 2016.

The high tides, a very rare spectacle

The importance of a tide is characterised by its coefficient, which has a value of between 20 and 120: the higher the coefficient, the higher the sea rises and the lower it falls. The last high tide took place in Saint-Michel on 21 March 2015, with a coefficient of 119, which resulted in a tidal range (difference in water height between high and low water) of 14.15 metres. The next tide, with the same coefficient, will not occur until 3 March 2033. In fact, it is estimated that only 2% of all tides have a coefficient higher than 110 (high tide).

Fishing in Saint Malo

In addition to enjoying a great show, you can also try your hand at fishing on foot (scallops, sea urchins, flat oysters, clams, mussels, etc.). However, don't forget to observe the regulations in force, in particular by putting back exactly in their place the pebbles, rocks or seaweed that you move and by collecting only the shellfish of the authorized size. For example, mussels must be at least 4 cm in size. On the other hand, you must be careful and respect the safety rules. Book now your hotel in Saint-Malo with sea view.

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