Focus on the beaches outside the city limits of Saint-Malo

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There's no shortage of beaches in Saint-Malo! Even if it's not the time to go for a stroll outside, there's nothing to stop you from learning about the beaches, discovering new ones or preparing a future stay. But often, we linger on the beaches of Saint-Malo intra-muros whereas other splendid beaches exist outside the city.

From our hotel in Saint-Malo with sea viewFrom our hotel, you can access the main beaches of the Corsair City. But perhaps you would like to get away from the city centre? Well, there are some lovely white sandy beaches outside the historic city, as well as on the coast of Saint-Malo. We present them to you below!

Saint-Malo: beautiful beaches outside the city centre

Outside the city centre, superb beaches can be discovered, many of them even allowing swimming at low tide. The Bas Sablons beach, located near the Sablons marina, is surely the best known of them; it offers a beautiful panorama of the Corsair City.

Another beach offering a breathtaking view of the old town but also of the Sillon: the Minihic beach! Delimited by small cliffs, it is located in the continuity of the Grande Plage and the Plage du Pont.

Let's talk aboutLe Pont beach! This beach is ideal for families because children can swim there without risk. The beach is located in the Pointe de la Varde. In the same area, you can get away from the noise on the beach of Crique du Fort de la Varde. Once there, you will feel as if you are cut off from the rest of the world!

Other beaches to discover on the Saint-Malo coast

There are at least four other beaches on the Saint-Malo coastline that are worth a visit:

  • l'Anse Du Guesclin
  • the Chevrets beach
  • the Orchard beach
  • the beach of La Touesse.

The first is undeniablyone of the most beautiful on the Emerald Coast. Sheltered from the wind, it will delight families for its charm, not to mention that it welcomes our dog friends with open arms.
If you're looking for soft sand and dunes to hide in, there's nothing like the second one: the Chevrets beach, moreover, part of it is naturist.

On the road to Cancale, if you are heading towards Mont Saint-Michel, don't miss the Verger beach. Located in a green setting, it is very pleasant all year round. Finally, our last choice: the beach of Touesse. Located between the Pointe du Meinga and the Pointe des Grands Nez, this beach is separated from the Port beach by a very unusual rock.

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