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Getting ready for a little getaway in Brittany? It's a great plan! A top weekend destination, this region at the western end of France will dazzle you with its exceptional landscape and seduce you with its strong cultural identity. By staying in a hotel in BrittanyYou will have the opportunity and the pleasure to explore and visit the tourist sites located in this region and thus fully enjoy your stay.

Which hotel to stay in Brittany

In Brittany, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the hotel in which you plan to stay. As this is a tourist region par excellence, there is a huge range of accommodation on offer and there are a number of criteria to consider when making your choice. To begin with, try to find a hotel in a strategic location that will allow you to visit as many tourist sites as possible. Also, as you are coming to relax and get away from it all, try to compare the offers to find the establishments that offer the best services at attractive rates. To give you an idea, staying in a cheap hotel in St-Malo can be a very good deal!

Take advantage of your stay in Brittany to visit

Dinard You are going for a weekend in love Brittany ? Then don't forget to visit Dinard! Renowned for its Belle Époque villas and its exceptional landscape, this French town in Brittany is sure to bring you pleasure and well-being. With your lover, you can enjoy a beautiful romantic walk in the moonlight in this magnificent "Garden City by the Sea". You can also enjoy the sun while relaxing on the beautiful Prieuré beach and at the same time enjoy a magnificent view of the Port Breton Park. And that's not all! A visit by a guide from the Towns of Art and History is also a must in order to discover the history and all the riches of this small community.

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