The Sculptured Rocks of St-Malo

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Do you want to visit Saint-Malo? This is a very good idea! This small town in Brittany has a number of subtleties that will certainly captivate you. One of the most popular sites is the Rochers Sculptés de Rothéneuf. If you want to see them up close, why not make your trip longer and stay in a charming hotel in Saint-Malo?

The Sculptured Rocks of Rothéneuf: what exactly are they?

The Sculpted Rocks of Rothéneuf are sculptural wonders created by the famous Abbé Fouré (real name Adolphe Julien Fouéré (1839-1910)). He was a deaf and dumb priest who took refuge in the Rocks and began to sculpt them armed only with a hammer and chisel. The sculptures show more than 300 figures that are inspired by well-known characters, all of which are in some way connected with the current events of the Abbot's time. These sculptures cover an area of 500 square metres and today they adorn the coastline of the city of Saint-Malo. If you are staying in a charming hotel in Saint-Malo, don't hesitate to pay a visit in order to enjoy all their subtleties.

Stay in a cheap hotel

Are you going to Saint-Malo to discover the Rochers Sculptés de Rothéneuf? Start by finding a hotel where you can stay. For this, the best option would of course be to choose an establishment located near this famous tourist site. However, you should not neglect the quality of the services offered and the price charged by each establishment. The consideration of all these criteria will allow you to find a cheap and quality hotel in Saint-Malo for your stay in the city.

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